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EVOLUTION was founded in 2003 by Amanda du Plessis.

Evolution Product is a new addition to the consulting company Amanda du Plessis founded in 2004.

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"We are shaped and fashioned by what we love." - Goethe

Amanda has had a love affair with sumptuous fabrics, textures and colours from a very young age. She remembers her mother´s quilts and "las lappie" bags and was inspired to create. Her subsequent and lifelong passion for design, fashion buying and management was complemented by a keen business acumen instilled in her from age nine by her father.

Evolution Product believes in creative partnerships and shared art. Together with trusted and brilliant suppliers and distributors we create innovative, sleek and emotive product lines for local and international customers.


Desert Diaries is a story about two San children – !nanni, Tamme and Da. Over a century ago they travelled from the northern borders of what is today Botswana to Cape Town and given over to the care of the pioneering linguists Lucy Lloyd and Wilhelm Bleek in 1880. 
Bleek worked for the Governor George Grey and together with his sister-in-law Lucy Lloyd, who was South Africa’s first female PhD, produced one of the world’s most important ethnographic archives focusing on the |xam San.
Bleek believed the research was not only important in the fields of evolutionary theory and language, but also for the history of South Africa. Lloyd and Bleek asked the youngsters to record as much as possible about the plants they used and ate, the animals they encountered in Botswana and on their journey to the Cape and the |xam San folk tales that they had grown up with. 
We discovered the story of !nanni, Tamme and Da in an exquisite exhibition, Made in Translation, at Iziko South African Museum in Cape Town in January 2011. This is an incredibly rare archive of their hand drawings, depicting these children's experiences of both the violence of the colonial frontier and of just being children. We here honour these boys and their struggles.

Thank you to Iziko and SASI for allowing us to use these rare visuals in our designs and allowing us to continue telling the story of the boys in our communication of the range.

THE MAGIC VELD: Circa 1600-1800

It was their passion for knowledge and a desire to explore the unchartered spaces that lead the early explorers to the Cape on adventures into the hinterlands of Southern Africa. They came not to conquer but to meticulously record the plants, trees and animals they encountered on their perilous journeys into the veld. Many of them were devoted to sketching in scientific detail the things they discovered here and it is from their amazing work that we drew inspiration for our new line The Magic Veld - Circa 1600 - 1800

Our designs were inspired by the explorers as a collective, but also by the stories of some of the most outstanding of these intrepid travellers. It is through their eyes that we get a glimpse of what Southern Africa looked like several centuries ago.

“To view the admirable perfection of nature in a new light, and not less beautiful in the wilds of Africa was the irresistible motive which led me on.”

- 18th Century explorer William BurchellI, Travels in the interior of Southern Africa