About Us

Evolution’s mission is to create a shift in product development – one in which nostalgic narratives are transformed into products. We would like to celebrate the past and cultivate our products for the home as conversation pieces narrating our own and our client’s unique relationship with time and geographical space’.

Evolution aims to collaborate, create and sell to high-end retail stores and decorators. We contribute financially to the sources of our inspiration and we aim to embrace sustainable practices while creating a stimulating environment for our staff.

We create because it is part of our DNA.



THE MAGIC VELD: Circa 1600-1800

It was their passion for knowledge and a desire to explore the unchartered spaces that lead the early explorers to the Cape on adventures into the hinterlands of Southern Africa. They came not to conquer but to meticulously record the plants, trees and animals they encountered on their perilous journeys into the veld. Many of them were devoted to sketching in scientific detail the things they discovered here and it is from their amazing work that we drew inspiration for our new line The Magic Veld - Circa 1600 - 1800

Our designs were inspired by the explorers as a collective, but also by the stories of some of the most outstanding of these intrepid travellers. It is through their eyes that we get a glimpse of what Southern Africa looked like several centuries ago.

“To view the admirable perfection of nature in a new light, and not less beautiful in the wilds of Africa was the irresistible motive which led me on.” - 18th Century explorer William Burchell, Travels In The Interior of Southern Africa 


This range is dedicated to the early collector-explorers who arrived in southern Africa to study and record the flora. They worked in harsh conditions to make detailed studies of a variety of plants – from each leaf in all its growth stages, to flowers that might have bloomed only a few hours a day. We want to continue their legacy and tell their story of fascination.


Embracing Unesco's quote we draw inspiration from Varied Origins for our Lodge specific textile assortment. Using ancient patterns from African creators to modern day alchemists who experiment with plants to create colour and patterns on cloth. Truly original and embracing our continents.