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The Field Notes & Veld Finds Collection

- Field Notes & Veld Finds - Centuries ago the |xam and San communities were the first to collect and use plants for medicinal and ritual purposes. They depicted the invaluable flora on rock, as it was the only medium they had to their disposal. One of our previous ranges Desert Diaries was dedicated to these communities. It was however only during the 17th century that Western artists and collector-explorers arrived to study and record these plants. South Africa’s plant wealth was captured on paper by a variety of artists, but it was specifically the plant-curious Dutch who accurately captured the beauty of our country’s rich variety of botanicals. Artists like Hendrik Claudius and Robert Gordon, whose animals and Euphorbia’s...

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The Cape Collection

- Cape Field of Vision - Water colour paintings of well known Dutch explorer-artist Robert Gordon and the lesser known Jan Brandes were adapted for our latest collection. These artworks were created in the Cape area during the late 1700's. The selected gems were discovered in the Rijks Museum's archives in Amsterdam and has been developed in an exclusive assortment.   Our Cape Collection is available online as well as from our flagship store in Cape Town at The Collective | Shop B3 | The Watershed | V&A Waterfront. 

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