Evolution Product

Mopipi Cushion, Embroidered and Dipped

R 1,595
100% Linen
Cushions are hand dyed
Slight colour variations may occur
Excludes inner
Suggested inner (feather or down): 60cm x 60cm
In Greek mythology, Nymphaea (water lilies) are seen as feminine spirits that inhabit fresh water. Over time, different cultures formed their own unique beliefs about the Nymphaea species. Egyptians believed they create unity and symbolise the circle of life. In Asia the plant represents universality, in Buddhism enlightenment and in Hinduism it is seen as a symbol of purity. Lilies grow in mud, but create a pure flower without blemishes.
We realised that their freshwater habitats are threatened. Fresh water is becoming more limited year after year, with reserves now standing at about 1%. We need to become more conscientious of how we use one of our most valuable resources.
The dried and pressed Nymphaea specimens used in our range come from South African research herbariums, which conduct research on keeping our natural resources sustainable.
The colours of the preserved Nymphaea specimens change over the years. As they change so should we in the way we use water, one of our scarcest resources.

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