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Henge Carpet

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Evolution Product collab rug. 'Henge' is possibly an Old English word for 'hanging' or 'suspended', and the common interpretation is that the name means 'The Hanging Stones', referring to the huge lintels suspended in space. Stonehenge's lintel stones forming a trilithon. The beauty of Japanese shibori dyes and the solidness of rocks and stones in nature are reflected here. Can also be used outdoors: Premium UV resistant materials protect the MONN flat woven rugs from the sun. Improved slip resistance: MONN Magic Grip, an innovative concept, adds slip resistance to MONN flat woven rugs once placed on a floor. Support Local industry: MONN flat woven rugs are manufactured at our mill in Harrismith, South Africa. Stain resistant 100% polypropylene: The superior stain resistant properties of polypropylene yarn make these rugs a practical solution for most environments. Cleaning made easy: The flat weave construction makes light work of keeping your rug clean. A light shake outdoors will dislodge most soil and dust. For the effective removal of more stubborn stains, use only water or alternatively, water mixed with a suitable mild cleaning agent. Normal Textile tolerances apply. Dispatch in 1-2 working days.