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Evolution’s mission is to create a shift in product development — one in which nostalgic narratives are transformed into products. “We would like to celebrate the past and cultivate our products for the home as conversation pieces narrating our own and our client’s unique relationship with time and geographical space.”

Evolution aims to collaborate, create and sell to high-end retail stores and decorators. We contribute financially to the sources of our inspiration and aim to embrace sustainable practices while creating a stimulating environment for our staff.

We create because it is part of our DNA.

Our Processes

Inspiration comes from many different sources — from nature, from love, from the people around you. You can mimic a result, but not creativity. At #EvolutionProductSA we pride ourselves on being a front runner in many aspects of design. Our process is what makes us stand out from our competitors; we innovate and create new ways to bring beauty into every aspect of life. Through trial and error we explore uncharted territory to bring you one-of-a-kind products. We would rather fail in originality than succeed in imitation. This has been shown by our accolades and awards, like the 100% design award for textiles we received in 2016 for our grass-inspired blueprint. Originality is what sets us apart. Explore our gorgeous original ranges online today.