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Evolution aims to be a responsible creator and producer of products. See our contribution to the UN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals 

Raw material:

We are currently sourcing 60% of our raw materials locally, with the bulk of our linens being woven in South Africa. Our aim is to increase this percentage with the development of more base cloths locally. We support one of the country’s few remaining mills.


We work with various archives in South Africa to obtain visual references of historical artworks, processes and techniques to create a visual representation of our country’s creative history. We contribute financially to the sources of our visuals.

Printed items:

The visuals obtained from our sources are adapted at our head office in JHB. We then send these visuals to our printers in CPT that use a non-toxic pigment printing process with minimal impact on the environment.

The printed fabrics for our bulk orders are then sent to a CPT-based cut, make and trim factory that makes the fabric up into cushions. For smaller orders we use a seamstress based in Johannesburg.


Embroidered cushions:

In creating our assortments, we identify visuals that can work well in embroidery designs. These items are sent to our embroidery factory in CPT, which digitises the design, after which samples are made and colourations finalised. To reduce the impact of excessive transport the items are completed in CPT before being shipped to JHB, where each item is dyed by hand by our meticulous dye master Mike.


All products are quality controlled at our head office in JHB by Xander and Seeng, who complete any final touches and hand stitching.

Evolution further collaborates with different manufacturers and designers to create custom assortments.

Our aim is to support the South African manufacturing industry in creating unique South African products.