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Nemastoma Panel

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Items are made with a loop at the top to be hung with a rod.
Frame-Ready options are available on request.

Sea Algae -the protectors of our planet
It is called the Blue planet effect. David Attenborough presented the effect of plastic in his last episode of Blue Planet 2, the impact of these visuals made us seriously think about our way forward. We wanted to create a range that honours the species that works day and night to create 70% of the oxygen for our blue planet.
We have been fascinated by our botanical history and honoured the pioneers who captured the beauty in sketch and paint. In this range, we would like to honour people like David Attenborough, who all tirelessly focuses on the plight of our oceans and locally on Dr Kerry Sink, who spend their lives doing research and communicating the plight of our natural habitats and especially the oceans.
The South African Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) assisted us in our search for a new range. They discovered a rare book of historic pressed Sea Algae from our oceans by William Tyson dating back to 1908. They were very generous to share this discovery with us. We were astounded at the beauty of these Sea Warriors and translated their beauty into our new range -Protectors of our Planet.