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Blaartjie Cushion, Printed

Sale priceR 1,395.00

100% Linen
Excludes Inner - Suggested inner: 65cm x 65cm Feather and Down

In this new range of designs, which originated from evocative lithograph stamps found in the archives of SANBI, we celebrate the historic print process invented by Bavarian author Aloys Senefelder in 1796. The visuals we discovered were used in the early 1930’s by the iconic farming magazine, Landbou Weekblad from South Africa. Until today this magazine provides farmers in our country with valuable information regarding agricultural practices.

These metal plated wooden blocks were donated to the museum in the late 1950’s. After the discovery of these valued pieces of history, photographs were taken by our team and enhanced to reveal moss and winter leaf colours.

The visuals are grainy and evocative.
The effect is mysterious and magical.